Entrepreneurs & Investors

If you want to invest in Europe and immigrate at the same time, you can choose between three options.

You can make an investment or start a business yourself or acquire an existing business. Whichever way you prefer, we will advise and accompany you in all questions arising in this context until your goal of immigration as an investor, entrepreneur or business owner is achieved. Then you belong to the circle of privileged persons and can stay in Europe.

The processes have different prerequisites and also entail risks. A variety of documents must be obtained and reviewed. We will be happy to assist you with various applications and registrations for you or your employees. We will explain to you what specifically needs to be submitted.

For projects of this type, it is assumed that there is an economic interest or regional need, the activity is expected to have a positive impact on the economy, and the financing of the project is secured through equity or a loan commitment. In the case of a lump sum investment in real estate or business or trade, an immediate right of residence or even a visa is possible.

We also offer comprehensive advice on setting up a business in Europe. If you are planning an investment or would like to become self-employed/freelance, we will also advise and accompany you until your goals are realized.

If you work for a company from a third country (e.g. as a manager, specialist or trainee) you have the opportunity to come to EU member states and work for your company here. You can get an ICT card in the EU member state. With ICT card you can work for your company in other EU member states at any time.

Europe offers many different opportunities to live and work here. Depending on the case, we have the right specialist to discuss with you all the questions and concerns related to it.

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